Learn basic survival skills: Shelter, Fire, water, navigation, Food preperation, signaling, tracking, trapping,

Learn how to become hard to lose and easy to find

Outcome : Increase your odds of surviving in a wilderness setting, gain self reliance, Character Building.

Scott Moore, founder of Wild about Christ Ministries, and owner of W.A.C. Outdoors LLC, will be your host and guide on your retreat. We are going to learn and practice many skills that will increase your odds of surviving in a wilderness setting.
The day will come when the last place on earth you will want to be, is where you are standing at that very moment. When that day of reconing comes, we will not rise to the occasion like knights in shinning armor, we will fall to a level that is slightly below our training and preperation.
That being said, the goal is to prepare you both mentally, and physically, for when that day of reckoning comes.

Group size is limited to eight men. All meals included.

Things to bring: Clothing appropriate for the weather, rain gear, sleeping bag, flashlight/headlamp, water bottle, knife, Folding saw, Fero rod, compass, leather gloves, bandanna.

Event runs from 9:00am Saturday January 21st till 4:00pm January 22nd. Cost is $150.00. Register and pay by going to the events calander on our web site www.wacoutdoors.com.

Contact Scott Moore for more details 1-864-940-9629