The image of a hunter slipping silently through the wilderness with a primitive bow and arrow in his hand epitomizes wilderness survival.

Reality vs. romantic notion. The learning curve is vast, and the raw materials to make a functioning, deadly, archery set are hard to come by in the wild. It is much better to go to the wilderness with proper gear and the training to use it effectively. An archery set has one purpose: to deliver the proper arrow point to the intended target. Arrow point selection is critical to a successful trip afield, and it takes more than one style of arrow point to cover all the bases. Practice points are a given, but when it comes to hunting, arrow selection is paramount.

Game animals can be broken in to three categories: small, medium, and large, with each category requiring a different point for maximum effectiveness.


IMGA0092 I would recommend blunts for small game with my personal favorite being the “Ace Hex Blunts” made by  Ace Archery Tackle LLC. The Ace Hex Blunt is made of high carbon steel and is a hollow point blunt with scalloped edges that create massive tissue damage and catches in the grass to prevent arrow loss.



IMGA0094   For medium size game (raccoon, porcupine) I would recommend a reasonably priced solid 3 blade broadhead such as the Bod-Kin or Del-ma (known as the MA-3-S) They provide a large wound channel on animals that tend to escape into trees or dens.



IMGA0089 For large game my #1pick is the Grizzly single bevel Broadhead made by Zipper Manufacturing LLC. These heads are made from 1075 high carbon steel, 52 rockwell and are indestructible. They offer superior penetration with lower poundage bows, split bone, and give you years of service when there will be no replacement available.


There you have it. these are my top 3 picks for arrow points for perilous times when “failure is not an option”IMGA0096