Welcome to my Blog “Traditional Archery the W.A.C. Way”! The W.A.C. Way is the way we do things here at W.A.C. Outdoors. I always tell people; the way I do things is not the only way, might not be the best way, but it is the way of doing things that I have developed over the years that produce proven results for me.

I was given my first bow at age nine and cut my teeth as a bow hunter pursuing small game in the hedges and corn rows of central Ohio. Harvesting my first whitetail deer in 1975 with a 45# Bear Grizzly recurve bow, I now draw from an experience base of  40 successful hunting seasons and a lot of lessons learned the hard way.

So many people approached us at sports shows and prepping expos expressing a desire to learn how to use archery equipment that several years ago we started running an “Archery Boot Camp for hunting, survival, and preparedness”. The boot camp is held on the grounds of W.A.C. Outdoors located in Iva, SC. I thought I would use this first Blog post to describe what we cover at our archery boot camps and just what kind of experience you should expect if you attend.

Our archery boot camps are primarily an outdoor experience held at the headquarters of W.A.C. Outdoors. The field exercises are held in the surrounding woodlands, we have the capacity to bring you indoors in the event of inclement weather. Breakfast bars and coffee are provided in the morning, we serve a hot lunch at mid day, and all necessary equipment will be provided.




8:00 am      Meet & Greet…..Coffee &  Breakfast Bars 

8:20              TOPIC #1   Equipment  Selection  

9:00              TOPIC #2  Equipment  Setup 

9:40              Break  

10:00            TOPIC #3  Shooting Form 

10:20            The moment we have all been waiting for: We’er going to shoot the bows! 

11:30            TOPIC #4  We will discuss Proper Shot Sequence & Practice Drills 

11:45             LUNCH 

12:30            Topic # 5  Bow Hunting Strategies : A discussion of successful hunting techniques  

1:15                A Team:  Shoots Bows               B Team:  Field Exercise   

 1:40               A Team: Field Exercise             B Team: Shoots Bows

 2:30              Break

 2:45              Topic #6  Essential Gear  for a successful Bow hunt  

3:10              Topic #7  A discussion on Arrow Components 

3:30             A unique Demonstration of Broad Head Performance  

4:00            Question &  Answers  Session 

4:30            Conclude 

As you can see; this is a full day, and a total immersion experience into the world of traditional archery for hunting, survival, and preparedness. This is an adult class for students 12 years of age and up. The cost is $85.00, signup and registration is on the events page. We generally hold these classes on Saturday with an option of attending an advanced class the following day. The advanced class is reserved for those who have already attended a Boot Camp as it builds on the information and skills acquired on the first day. We started running these classes back to back so that people traveling from a distance could get both classes in on one trip. The advanced class is also $85.00 but if both classes are taken on the same weekend we offer a reduced rate of $150.00 for both. To keep the cost in perspective; the average person buys 3 sets of arrows to the tune of $120.00 a dozen before they get a set that flies properly at of their bow. Same goes for bows, I cant tell you how many people we have helped that started out with a bow that wasn’t really suited for them, and then bought the right bow after attending the class. The materiel we cover will allow you to be an informed consumer and make wise purchase decisions the first time, thereby saving more money than the cost of attending.  We offer primitive camping on the grounds at no charge for anyone interested in staying and challenging themselves further by trying out their bushcraft/survival skills. We can insure that you have a source of potable water, a portapoty, and the comaraderie of a shared campfire. We always provide a seminar or workshop Saturday evening on how to prepare for an unexpected night in the woods so those who stay will get a lot of bang for the buck! W.A.C. Outdoors is a Christian based organization and there will be a short service provided Sunday morning for anyone that would like to attend. There is lodging nearby in Anderson SC or Hartwell GA. (nearby is a relative term as we live in the boonies, motels are a 30-45 minute drive from the site). Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or requests for further information. Best regards, Scott Moore.  email wildaboutchrist413@yahoo.com    cell#  1-864-940-9620IMGA0051